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Business Brokerage

Managing the entire process of getting your business sold to the right buyer (with a deal that works for both parties) is the primary service we offer at Sunbelt Austin.    It starts with us getting to know you and your business, and helping you formulate your goals around selling your business.    This includes an evaluation of the business, determining a likely selling price, and then creating a confidential marketing plan to attract the right buyer. Once we go to market, we screen the buyer prospects (which includes having them sign a confidentiality agreement and provide financial information), guide the negotiation and due diligence activities, staying actively involved in every aspect until the deal is closed and funded.  When we list a business for sale, we exclusively represent the seller.   We do offer buyer representation for buyers wanting to purchase businesses for sale by owners or listed for sale by other firms.

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Business Valuation

For a business owner who is thinking about selling, sometimes the best first step is to do a business valuation to learn the likely selling price of the business.  There are other times when a business valuation is needed, including during estate planning, various partnership issues, capital raising, etc.  Likewise, there are different types of business valuations.  We will help you determine which business valuation is indicated and handle the entire process. We partner with accredited business appraisal professionals when appropriate.

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Business Coaching and Consulting

Usually the best time to sell your business is when you are ready to sell.  But sometimes the business is not ready to be sold – or at least it isn’t ready to be sold for the best value.  Our business coaching and consulting services are customized to help you get your business ready to be sold, so when you are ready to sell, the business is ready too.  The process of selling will go much more smoothly, more quickly,  and you’ll most likely achieve a higher value for the business.  Even if you think you will not be ready to sell for a few years, the things we coach you to do to get your business ready to be sold  almost always make the business more profitable.  And you’ll be in a stronger negotiating position should someone approach you unexpectedly about acquiring your business.

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